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You surely are in need for Hit It Rich Free Coins as it is one of the finest slots games to play out there and this is why we made this fan site. You can get all free coin updates and information that we share here easily.

We share all the information for free coin updates in an organized way so that it’s easier to find and navigate. It can save you a lot of time and hassle of visiting many sites and pages. So, instead of keeping track of many resources, you can always come and check our site for all information about HIR Slots game free coins, spins and tips.

You can check out all the up-to-date posts about HIR Free coins below. But we highly recommend you to go through this detailed article because it will surely increase your knowledge about this game as a passionate player.

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Brief Introduction of Our Fan Site & HIR! Free Slots Game by Zynga

HIR! Slots is a very famous free slots game developed and published by Zynga. It has high ratings of 4.5+ stars with more than 5 Million downloads and 460K review on Google Play Store alone. It is available to play on Android, iOS devices that includes iPhone, iPad and iPods and Facebook platform. This game has many features and exciting characteristics that we will be discussing later.

All About Hit It Rich, its coins and freebie links
Learn About Hit It Rich Game and its free coin links on our fan site

Now let’s introduce you with our fan site which is dedicated to providing you with all the information you need about this game. We post reviews about its features, Hit It Rich free coin links, tips, tricks and guides that actually prove to be useful and working. We ourselves love this game and play it regularly. And this zealousness of ours led us to make this fan blog.

Please note that we are not affiliated with Zynga Inc or ‘HIR!’ in any way. And we just provide you with information for educational and entertainment purposes. 

And this information is based on the best of our knowledge and credit of Hit It Rich free coin links goes to the developer of the game. We just spread the word about it so that you will not miss any HIR updates.

Also keep this in consideration that we only provide information and guides and none of our site’s operation involve any real money or prizes. 

How to Get the Coin Bonuses for Hit It Rich & Where Do They Come from?

Coins in HIR Slots are something that players always keep chasing. Because it shows your rank and dominance in the game. It kind of works like how much power you have in the game. Although, there are many other things that show your superiority in the game. For example, your level in the game. But coins are considered more useful and authoritative.

Get Hit It Rich Coins Bonus Links and All Information
Collect Hit It Rich Free Coin Links & Info Daily on Our Site

So it’s obvious that all players of Hit It Rich Slots Game will surely chase the coins. There are many ways to get them which we will discuss later in detail. One of the best ways is free bonuses of coins that are often referred as Coin freebies for HIR.  Developer itself gives out these links on different social media channels.

These links once clicked, open the game. When the game opens, you get the free coin bonus. Finding such links can be difficult for users sometimes as they have to keep track of every channel these links come from. So, this is what we help players with. We collect them from various sources and do all the hard work for players’ ease. After all, sharing is caring. So we spread the best information about all the Hit It Rich free coin updates we become aware of.

Why Should You Avail All the Gifts & Freebies?

You should never miss the chance to claim HIR gifts and freebies from anywhere because they really are helpful for a player. Always look for coin links, gifts sent by your friends and hourly and daily bonuses. Whether you need them at the time of their appearance or not but they can certainly help you in the future if you save them. So always keep your eyes opened for such HIR free coin gifts.

Game Can Be Enjoyed Even More with Hit It Rich Slots Free Coins & Spins

This is another fact and proven thing. The more coins you have to play with, the more fun you will have. You can take your game experience to a whole new level when you achieve the top status. This includes, a good level, VIP status and coins in your account. Other than this, you can boast about your coins in front of your coins. So in conclusion, the level of fun will surely increase after having more of them.

You Can Get All HIR Free Coin Updates with No Surveys and Risks

This is the best thing about it. That you don’t have to struggle to get free coins in any way. You don’t have to sign up anywhere or fill any surveys whatsoever to access or site. And you also don’t need to like or subscribe to our social media channels. Because it’s your choice to do so or not and no one should force you about it. Our duty is to provide you with authentic information that can help you lift up your gaming experience. So, this is what we try to do best. Our resource of these links that we collect updates frequently. You will also get instructions and information in every post to help you easily obtain unlimited Hit It Rich Free Coins links.

Get Help of Our Best HIR Free Coins Bonus Collector

We know gamers are looking for Hit Rich free coins’ bonus collector to get some freebies in the game. Because it can really help in lifting up their entire gaming experience in every way. It surely gives the one boost when player is stuck on a certain level and is unable to get out of it. Now this is where regular use of some way of HIR bonus collection helps. Freehititrichcoins.com takes care of all the things to help players get the perfect and timely information to collect Hit It Rich bonus.

6 Ways to Get More Hit It Rich Freebies & Coin Bonuses

We should now get to the hottest topic for the HIR players. And it’s Hit It Rich Free coins, without any doubt. Since this is the hottest topic so let us shed light on this topic too. First of all, there are 6 ways in which you can collect HIR coin bonuses.

How to get free coins in Hit It Rich
Quickly learn about all ways to get coins in Hit It Rich for free

1. Daily Welcome Bonus

You can get free daily bonus by just opening the Hit It Rich Slots Android App, iOS App or Hit It Rich Slots on Facebook. This will get you welcome bonus for the day. Like a lot of games, HIR also offers daily login bonus. If you keep playing the game for a whole week, you will easily get up to 31M coins in a week. Current pattern of welcome bonus is as follows:

2. Free Hourly Bonus

This one is similar to the first one because it also gets you some coins after a duration of time. After exactly one hour, you can claim the free bonus from bottom bar of the game screen. A random spinner start spinning and when it stops, the bonus is finalized after keeping your level, VIP status and other things into consideration.

3. Watch Videos

This is also just like many other games. You might already be aware of this that you can get 300K coins by watching a short video clip in the game app. These short clips are limited and you just can’t have unlimited video clips. If you want to watch more, you will have to wait for some time so that a new video comes in that you can watch.

4. Accept Coin Gifts from Gifts Chest

By visiting the Gift Chest, you can help and get coins from your friends. These friends are your friends on Facebook if you are using a Facebook account with the game. You can also receive Hit It Rich Free Spins. There is currently a limit of 15 coin gifts and 2 spin gifts. This limit might change or rely on your level and other factors.

5. Claim Hit It Rich Freebies with Daily Offered Coin Links

This one’s obviously the best one because it helps you get the most coins with more ease compared to other five ways. We also share information about these links and you can check our Hit It Rich Free Coins category to get coin links and learn more about it.

6. Get Lucky & Win More Often in the Game

No need to explain this one because it’s evident and you are already well aware of it. But we can give you a little tip to increase your chances with this one, play this game more and regularly whenever you get time. We make sure that we post informative articles for players who can get help from our advice. We ourselves struggle sometimes because whatever you do, luck matters the most in games. And if you’re fortunate enough, this is also the most exciting way to get Hit It Rich Free coins. You can learn more about the strategies and game plan with guides on our site.

All You Need to Know About the Hit It Rich Coin Generator Tool

Many people talk and search about Hit It Rich Coin generator. Some players ask for Hit It Rich Mod Apk. And to be very honest, all these claims are fake. Because neither there is a coin generator for HIR, nor there is a modded version of HIR Application that’s available as an APK. Modded version of an app means modified version. Which is not right at all and totally unacceptable. Though, it might work on offline games but it will never work on online network games like HIR.

So you should not fall for such a scam and should completely avoid such clickbaits. None of the generators will work, they will just finesse you into downloading few useless apps or filling some spam surveys.

Hit It Rich Coins Generator
Is there any coins generator for Hit It Rich? Read to learn about it.

One more thing that’s around is using cheat engine which also won’t work. If you don’t know about Cheat Engine, it’s a computer program known as CE which is used to modify values in games running on a computer. As already discussed, it’s an online game and none of these tricks work on online games because their data is saved and synced with online databases.

You might be wondering; then how do we get freebies for this game? Well, it’s not a problem anymore. Because the developer of this game solved this problem by sharing coin links for Hit It Rich, that we mentioned earlier. These links work like a key to give you free coins. Some people also refer them as Hit It Rich Promo Codes. And this means the same thing as Hit It Rich! Coins Bonus.

Top Things that Make Hit It Rich Slots Game So Famous

There isn’t just one thing that makes HIR famous. Because there are indeed a hundred things that make this game stand out in competition against other games in the market. These features range from its availability to graphics to social media campaigns and much more. It’s really hard to list every detail about it without missing another significant one.

First of all, HIR is around for more than 6 years as it was initially released in 2013. So the older the game is, the more potential it gains through time. People loved it from the beginning and it’s proven with its high rating on all the platforms where it’s offered. It ranks on top in the charts of Game app stores.

Second, HIR App is really good in all aspects. It performs very well and has good graphics and sound effects. You actually get a real-like feel sometimes. Plus, Zynga updates their game quite often and bring new features and mini-slots games every now and then. You can’t really get bored of it even after playing it for extended amounts of time.

Well this was just the tip of iceberg and there’s still a lot more to it and you can find more Informative Articles about Hit It Rich on our site. They can help you with many sorts of things like general issues, how to pass a certain level, how to get more Hit It Rich coins and a lot more that you will dig as a player.

Why Hit It Rich! Free Slots Game by Zynga is Best
Learn what makes Hit It Rich! game the best slots game available

Greatest Features of Hit It Rich That Makes It the Best Slots Game

Every game has certain features that make it playable and likeable by the audience. HIR! has a lot of them. And by a lot, we really mean ‘a lot’. So let’s jump right into some of these.

Astonishing and Thrilling Graphics and Animations

HIR! Free Slots really has significantly good graphics in the genre of slots game. And they really have improved a lot in the last few years. They have added a ton of games for players. It helps in increasing players’ interest and keep them engaged in the long run.

Splendid Sound Effects That Grab the Attention

Without any doubt, the sound effects are top-notch and you can really expect it from a well-known company like Zynga. They are genuinely experts of making the best effects in the market. It’s so good that it’s hard to play the game with the sound turned off.

Regular Updates and Bug Fixes

Support of this game responds well to complaints and they listen to users and improve the gameplay experience accordingly. And it’s really important for developer to pay attention to what its audience is saying and what it wants. Great Motivations like Hit It Rich Weekly Race & Level and VIP Status

They keep players motivated by making the environment a bit competitive. These sort of competitions helps players build some enthusiasm to win and play the game more. This can also be considered a good feature of the game that it’s social and you can keep track of your progress against many other players. Things like VIP Status and level also contribute in increasing the bonus multiplier.


This game by Zynga is one of those games that you can really suggest your friends because of these features. And if you and your friends play this game then our fan site can be your best friend. Because aside from just providing you with information of free bonuses of the game, you can also get all sorts of updates about this great game.

A Good News for HIR Players; Hit It Rich! Beacon by Zynga

Other than keeping an eye for these Hit It Rich Coin links, you can download a chrome extension. This extension is offered by Zynga itself. And called as ‘Hit It Rich Beacon’.

Install Hit It Rich Beacons
You should install the Hit It Rich beacons extension to get all coin updates

This extension is available to download on Chrome Web Store. You can easily launch HIR Facebook via this chrome extension. And it really comes handy. Other than this, you get rewards by using this extension. They tell this in the overview of this chrome extension.

So, it’s highly recommended for the lovers of this game to install this Beacon extension by Zynga.

Most Asked Questions and Answers (HIR FAQ’s)

Players have many questions about Hit It Rich! Slots game and its free coin links. So, we will answer all of your questions here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hit It Rich and its free coins
Read answers of frequently asked questions about our Hit It Rich fan site, freebie links and other info

What is Hit It Rich Free Slots Game?

Hit It Rich! is a free slots game available online to play for lovers of such games. Because these people like thrill and exciting graphics that can spice up the experience. It is a perfect fit for anyone looking to pass their time in a joyful way. It’s available on all major platforms like Android, iOS, Amazon and Windows Store. As a side note, please keep in mind that this game is solely for entertainment purposes.

Is Hit It Rich a Free to Play Game?

Yes, Hit It Rich is free to play initially but if you want to get more benefits in the game, then you have to buy additional things. Some might also refer it as a freemium game. Please note that while you can buy things for it but it can’t be of any value in the real world and it does NOT include any real money or benefits.

Is There a Way to Get Unlimited Hit It Rich Free Coins?

There are many ways by which you can attain coins in Hit It Rich. But there exactly isn’t any way to get anything unlimited. But there can be many ways that when used will help you never run out of Hit It Rich coins and keep your game in good standing.

How to Play Hit It Rich?

It’s a very easy game to play and you really don’t need much training or don’t need to learn the rules of it. They always give you required instructions on the screen of the game. Sometimes the information given can be overwhelming but if you focus and read the guidelines a couple of times, you can get used to it quickly.

How to Get Free Coins & Spins for Hit It Rich Slots?

This one is the most asked one as it should be. Many players often ask that how can they increase coins and spins in Hit It Rich other than just playing it more and winning. Simple answer to that is, try to collect as many freebies as you can and keep an eye on all the information about it. We also post many updates about HIR coins here. So keep following our blog!

What’s the Purpose of Hit It Rich Forums?

Hit It Rich forums are where users interact and ask questions about the game, share their knowledge and help each other forming a community. It’s just like any other forum that lets people gain knowledge.

Where to Send Hit It Rich Complaints & How to Deal with the Problems?

You can easily talk with Zynga support about any complaints you have about Hit It Rich! because they are very responsive. And they take users’ problems very seriously. We are not their advocate or anything but this really is their quality. Other than that, you can also access the contact page in the App from the settings.

How Can You Play Weekly Race & Get Hit It Rich Free Coins?

Weekly race can be played easily and you can get Hit It Rich weekly race prizes in the game. These prizes gives you a great boost in the game and enriches your game-play experience significantly. As told by Zynga on helpshift page, 100 players compete against each other. The winners on the top will get benefits and perks in the game. So keep an eye on the next race. We hope that you win and don’t settle for anything less than the Grand Champion title!

How to Contact Hit It Rich?

Hit it Rich is developed by Zynga so if you want to contact them, you need to go on their official website where they have provided enough information. You can also access their support page by visiting settings menu (which can be launched from the upper right corner).

What Does Freehititrichcoins.com Do?

We are a fan blog of Hit It Rich game. We provide players of this game with all the latest information and updates about the game. It includes information about Free Hit It Rich coin promo updates, tips, tricks, guides and much more!

About Daily Updates for Hit It Rich Free Coins & Its Info

We really hope that you liked this extensive articles about Hit It Rich and surely gained a lot of knowledge from it. We try to discuss almost everything ranging from How to get Hit It Rich free coins to What are the ways to be better at it, what are its features and how to be better at it and play it like a Pro!

Contact us to get help
Contact Us to get any help that you need with Hit it Rich, its coin links and information

Keep visiting this fan blog to get daily updates and great news and information for the game. And please do let us know about your opinion too. If you have any query or comment about the game, feel from to drop it in the contact box on our Contact Us page.