100K HIR Free Coins Link – Get HIR Slots Coins Link Update Now

As you know our fan site provides you with latest HIR Free Coins link updates. And this info can really help you get timely updates. Why these updates are good for Hit It Rich players, you might ask? They are great because knowing and claiming such promo offers are beneficial for Hit It Rich players.

You can claim all such updates for Hit It Rich while they are active if you keep checking them frequently. We will be sharing the latest and working coins link for Hit It Rich Slots players that will help them get Hit It Rich coins for free.

You just have to visit the link shared with you in this post and it will take you to the game depending on your device. If you are on PC Device, you will see that the link will take you to Facebook. And this is where you will receive your coins after logging in to your FB account. And if you are on a mobile or tablet device that has Hit It Rich App installed. Then it will simply open the game application on your Android or iOS device. And this will grant you free coins after showing a prompt.

HIR Free Coins Link for 100K

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Additional Information and Important Details

We just provide you with latest and timely up-to-date information about these free coins’ promo offers.

You can miss these offers as they may already be expired or claimed by you and there is no guarantee that these links will always work.

Source of these links and information are various social media channels such as Hit It Rich’s Facebook Fan page.

These coins are just a promotional bonus for Hit It Rich Slots game and they do not hold any real world benefit or monetary value whatsoever.

We are just a fan site of Hit It Rich and we are endorsed or affiliated by Zynga Inc. or Hit It Rich in any way. Our site just focuses on providing you with valuable and helpful information about the game that can assist you.

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