How to Get Hit It Rich Free Coins? | Complete 2020 Guide for HIR Players

Looking for tips and tricks to get Hit It Rich free coins is quite normal for players and lovers of Hit It Rich slots game. Because this game mainly runs on coins and they are the main currency and hence attraction of the game.

When players’ luck don’t work, they will see their coins balance dropping. And this is the reason why HIR players go and look for ways, tips and tricks to get free coins.

So today, we are going to introduce with all the ways to obtain Free Hit It Rich coins in 2020.

How to Get Hit It Rich Free Coins? – Follow These 4 Awesome Ways to Get Them Fast

To get Hit It Rich free coins, you have to execute the 4 major ways that we are going to highlight in this post. And can be insanely helpful for you to get some extra free coins in the game. And we can ensure you that if you follow all these four ways, you will surely see positive results.

These four methods include:

  1. Claiming all the new Hit It Rich free coin links
  2. Getting the wheel bonus every hour
  3. Regularly watch short clips in the game whenever they are available
  4. Make accepting gifts in the gift chest your habit

Continue reading if you want to learn about these methods in detail.

1. Claiming all the Available Hit It Rich Free Coin Links

Not missing any of the shared Hit It Rich free coins link is one of the best way to attain good amount of free coins in the game. These links are easy and reliable. You can claim them on device that you play the game on. Right after clicking the link, you will see yourself being redirected to Zynga’s page. This page has Hit It Rich’s logo on top with a line asking “Don’t have the app yet?”. If you are on this page then half of the work is done. Just click the only ‘Play’ button on the page to open the Hit It Rich app and get the free coins.

And if you are on a desktop device, you will be redirected from that page automatically to Facebook. When you’ll log in to your account, you will instantly get the gift.

Please keep in mind that Zynga only lets you claim these links once. You will receive an Error telling you that “You’ve already collected this reward”. Other than this, you can’t claim too many links at once. You can use 2 links together but if you want to use the third link, you will have to wait a few minutes.

If you are confused about the source of these links and where to get them. Then they originate from Hit It Rich’s Facebook fan page and other social media channels. And if you can’t follow all of their social pages then our site can help you get the Hit It Rich free coin links because we post them regularly on our site.

2. Get the Wheel Bonus Every Hour

Wheel bonus is an awesome way to get free coins in Hit It Rich. You just have to click the Get bonus button in the center of bottom bar. After you click that, you will see a wheel spinning. When the wheel ends spinning, you will get a random free coins bonus in the game. This is also a great way to get Hit It Rich free coins.

Just wait and repeat the process every hour to get free coins more often. If you only catch these bonuses five to ten times daily, you can easily gain up to 1 million extra Hit It Rich coins. And if you have a higher daily steak, you will get more coins because of daily streak multiplier.

Wheel bonus consists of four main factors other than the amount on wheel. And this includes:

  1. Weekly Race Division
  2. VIP bonus
  3. Friends Bonus
  4. Daily Streak

The minimum amount on wheel is 87.5K and the maximum amount is 1.4M.

That’s all about wheel coin bonus in Hit It Rich.

3. Watch In-Game Videos for Coins

HIR lets you watch videos in their game in exchange for 300K coins or so. But you can’t watch those videos unlimited amount of times. But you should never miss the opportunity of watching a short clip whenever it is available to you.

You will find this option in ‘Buy coins’ section or in the place of wheel bonus when you claim that. So go ahead and don’t miss out on 300K extra free coins.

4. Accept All the Gifts in Gift Chest Daily

Everyone receives multiple coin gifts in their gifts chest of Hit It Rich. But you should make sure that you never let any gift sit unclaimed. Always accept the maximum amount of gifts.

Usually there’s a limit of accepting only 15 coin gift everyday. So go ahead and claim more coins and spins gifts in Hit It Rich.

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And if you are facing any difficulties and want to gain more knowledge about the game to play it better. Then we highly suggest you to read HIR informational articles on our site.

We hope that you liked this brief guide explaining how to get Hit It Rich free coins.

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