Why is Hit It Rich Not Working? – Learn If It’s Having Some Problems

Often times game become unresponsive. And they might not work the very moment you need them the most. We have all been there and all of the gamer and players can testify this.  If you are also one the players who love to play and enjoy HIR. And you are also wondering Why is Hit It Rich not working then this is normal. And there are plenty of solutions for this.

Now Hit It Rich Slots game is an online game by Zynga. Although, it’s pretty stable and one of the fastest. But sometimes it can also have some problems. So next time, instead of asking that Why is Hit It Rich not working, we suggest you to take some steps.

Resolve Your Hit It Rich Not Working Problem in 2 Steps

Follow the two main steps to get rid of your Hit It Rich not working problems.

1. Make Sure You Have Good Working Internet Connection

The first and foremost step you need to take to troubleshoot when Hit It Rich is not working is that if you internet is stable. And it’s properly working. Because sometimes the internet is opening the basic web pages. But the connection is unable load a little heavy stuff.

If you are sure that your internet is working perfectly, then you can move to the next steps.

2. Troubleshoot the Device You are Playing On

Sometimes the device that you are using to play the game can also be problematic. If you are on a mobile device, you need to make sure it’s not on airplane mode and the Hit It Rich app is fully up-to-date. And sometimes restarting your phone can solve multiple problems. So consider trying that before following the below steps.

Also before reinstalling and clearing cache of your HIR app, make sure that your progress is safe and backed up. Because if you are using a guest account and you Facebook isn’t connected, you will lose all your progress, levels and coins.

You can also clear cache on your Android devices to make sure everything works smooth. Because clearing cache removes everything and renews the app. You will have to login again. So make sure your Facebook is connected because you don’t want to lose the progress in game.

For iOS users (iPhone & iPad), they have to uninstall and the reinstall the application from App Store. This will ensure that they have a fresh installation and the app itself isn’t causing any problems.

And if you are on playing via Facebook on a Desktop device, then it’s best to clear your browser’s history or use incognito window. Grant the required permission to the game. And if it’s still not working then waiting a few minutes can resolve the issue. Because sometimes the server goes down or there’s sudden load of users.

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